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Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has manufactured commercial riding, stand-on and walk-behind lawn mowers. Scag's innovation and attention to quality is known and respected throughout the industry.  Mowers and accessories are designed to be user friendly, with an emphasis on quality, performance, ease of maintenance, profitability and long life.


Green Plant has been a SCAG dealer for more than 8 years and offers a full sales, parts and aftercare service on all SCAG machines.

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We are able to offer competitive finance deals on new and used SCAG Mowers. Terms and Conditions apply.
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SCAG Ride-on / Stand-on Mowers

SCAG have been pioneers in Zero-Turn, and have the claim that theirs was the first commercial Zero-Turn machine on the market. And that was over twenty-five years ago, so today’s customer has the benefit of all that development. A good example of development is the first machine – the “V-Ride”. A stand-on machine giving excellent visibility for cutting intricate areas.


The ride-on machine range then starts with the well priced Liberty Z, Freedom Z, Patriot and the Tiger Cat [small platform – big performance] range. Then the Cheetah comes in with its emphasis on high ground speed to simplify transport requirements between areas. Finally, the magnificent Turf Tiger range: with its unique place in the market by virtue of direct PTO drive to the deck.


SCAG Patriot Mower

- 52″ or 61″ cutter deck with anti-scalp.

- Comfortable, thick-cushioned seat.

- Low-maintenance design.

- 6.5-gallon total fuel capacity.

- Innovative height-of-cut adjustment.

- Self-adjusting belt systems.

- Low-profile, foldable ROPS.

- ZT3100 or ZT3400 hydro transaxles

- Ground speeds up to 10 mph.

- Large front caster tyres.


SCAG Liberty Z Mower

- High end domestic SCAG ride on mower
- 48 – 52” cutter decks available
- Strong tubular steel frame construction
fabricated and welded deck
- Hydro axle
- Ground speeds 7 mph
- 3 year/500 hour (non-commercial use) warranty
- High back seat with lumbar support
- Adjustable height operating levers
- 35mm to 155mm deck cutting height in 6mm increments.


SCAG Freedom Z Mower

- Ride-on Zero-Turn
- 48 – 52” cutting decks available
- Wide engine range
- Hydrostatic drive
- Ground speed 8mph
- Engine range 22 – 24HP
- Rubber-mounted footplate
- Standard cutting deck


SCAG Tiger Cat Mower

- Ride-on Zero-Turn
- 48 – 52 – 61” cutting decks available
- 22 – 26HP engine range
- Belt Drive to Deck
- Ground speed up to 10mph – 4.5mph reverse
- 24” driving wheels
- Torsion-spring suspension seat as option
- Heavy duty cutting deck
- Folding ROPS As option


SCAG Cheetah Mower

- Ride-on Zero-Turn
- 48-52-61-72” cutting deck
- Engine range: 22-35HP
- Hydrostatic drive
- Ground speed up to 15mph forward

– 4.5mph reverse
- 24” driving wheels
- Operator Suspension System
- Heavy duty cutting deck
- Folding ROPS
- “Velocity Plus” cutter deck standard


SCAG TurfTiger II Mower

- Ride-on Zero-Turn
- 52 – 61 – 72” cutting deck
- Widest range of engine options in SCAG range: 25 – 35HP including 1 diesel option
- PTO drive
- Ground speed up to 12mph forward – 5mph reverse
- 24” driving wheels
- “Command-Comfort” Triple feature operator system
- Heavy duty cutting deck
- Folding ROPS
- “Velocity Plus” cutter deck standard


SCAG V-Ride Mower

- Ride-on [Standing] Zero turn
- 36 – 48 – 52 – 61” cutter decks available
- Ground speeds 8.5 – 11mph
- 18” Drive wheels
- Heavy duty cutting deck
- Ergonomic operator controls


SCAG Pedestrian (Walk-behind) Mowers

Three machines are in this range: the SW belt drive hydrostatic units are the entry-level models, offering SCAG dependability at modest cost. The more technologically advanced SWZ [“Z” for “Zero-Turn”] models are belt-driven with twin wheel motors to give true zero-turn facility. SWZs have a wide engine range, plus options to maintain their position as one of the most popular and useful pedestrian machines on the market.


New to the range is the “SWZT” with all the advantages of the SWZ, with the addition of new design ergonomic controls for ease of operator use and increased operator safety. 


- Belt-drive walk-behind
- 32 – 36 – 48 – 52” cutter decks available
- Ground speed up to 6mph
- Twin power belt
- Heavy duty cutter deck




- Dual hydraulic transaxle drive Zero-Turn walk-behind
- 36 – 48 – 52 – 61” cutter decks available
- Ground speed up to 7.4mph
- Suspended decks
- Ergonomic design handlebars
- Single or Twin Drive Wheels.





- Hydraulic Drive Zero-Turn walk-behind
- 32 – 36 – 48 – 52 – 61” cutter decks available
- Ground speed up to 7.4mph
- Individual wheel motors
- Heavy duty cutter deck
- Single or Twin Drive Wheels.


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