Norcar a6226 wheeled Miniloader for sale from Green Plant UK
Norcar a6226 wheeled Miniloader for sale from Green Plant UK

Norcar a6226 wheeled Miniloader


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- New Norcar a6226 miniloaders for sale

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The Norcar a6226 is essentially a versatile working machine for professional use offering high pulling force, speed and lifting power as standard. The stable extension boom allows high-lift tasks to be completed easily and safely. The lifting boom is simply and comfortably controlled using a joystick with an electric switch to control extension and auxiliary hydraulics.  Equipped with dual working hydraulic pumps, the machine is well prepared for attachments requiring high oil flow. Moreover, several functions can be used simultaneously without affecting each other, which makes work more efficient.


An adjustable steering wheel and a comfortable suspension seat provides a restful ride. The drive system with a foot throttle and direction pedal allows the loader to be controlled with incredible precision, even with demanding equipment and terrain.


Tipping Load + extra weight 180kg
Tipping load with pallet fork Straight Articulated Straight Articulated
A. Transport Position, kg  940 640 940 780
B. Boom Horizontal, kg 1180 790 1200 980
C. Boom horizontal kg 850 510 1100 660
D. Boom horizontal + extension, kg 710 440 800 570
E. Boom horizontal + extension, kg 550 340 730 425
Specifications of a6226
Make Kubota
Model 1105
Cylinders 3
Fuel Type Diesel
Cylinder volume3 1123
Cooling System Fluid
SAE, gross power (kW/hp) 19.4/26.4
Max Gross torque (Nm) 72
At engine speed (r/min) 2200
Max engine speed without load (r/min) 3000
Electrical System
Battery (V-Ah) 12 - 53
Generator (A) 40
Service Volumes
Cooling System (l) 6
Engine Oil (l) 5
Fuel Tank (l) 20
Hydraulic Tank (l) 50
Hydraulic System Total Volume (l) 55
Lifting Power Hydraulic (kg) 1250
Breakout force 50cm (kg) 960
Tipping load, straight (kg) 1150
Tippiing load, articulated (kg) 770
Operating weight (kg) 1320
Drive speed slow (km/h) 0-9
Drive speed fast (km/h) 0-19
Pulling force fast (kg) 1100
Pulling force fast (kg) 550
Hydraulic System
Working hydraulics (l/min) (18+24) 42
System pressure (bar) 240
Drivetrain hydraulics (l/min) 63
Drivetrain max system pressure (bar) 350
Cycle Times
Raising boom (s) 3.7
Lowering boom (s) 2.2
Folding in bucket (s) 2.6
Tipping bucket (s) 1.6
Steering wheel rotations (L/R rev) 3/4

Standard Equipment

  • Roll bar ROPS/FOPS, seatbelt
  • Working lights, front
  • Electrically maneuvered parking brake/safety system
  • Float on the lifting boom
  • Hand throttle/Foot throttle
  • Engine speed and hour meter, engine heat and fuel level gauges
  • Suspension seat with armrests
  • Adjustable steering column
  • ProDrive

Extra Equipment



Attachments for the a6226

There are a range of attachments for the a6226 ranging from groundcare maintenance and agriculture to property maintenance and construction activities. For latest compatibility, please see our attachments page

Green Area Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Buckets and Materials

Construction and Material Handling


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