Norcar wheeled Miniloaders for sale from Green Plant UK
Norcar wheeled Miniloaders for sale from Green Plant UK



The new NORCAR a7750 wheeled Miniloader has a 50 hp Stage V diesel engine that increases the performance in pulling force, speed and hydraulic power. The new low center of mass frame gives stability to work with full lifting power without adding extra counterweights.





Official UK importer for the best selling Norcar wheeled Miniloaders

We are very pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the official UK importer for the Norcar wheeled Miniloaders.


The four wheeled miniloaders range from 20hp to 50hp and include the very popular 755xc, a6226 and a7750 models. We are now offering the full range of pre and post sales services on all these machines and the attachments. 


If you would like to discuss the Norcar range of machines and how they can help your business, please contact us on 01483 235111.

 Norcar Wheeled Miniloaders 

  755xc a6020 a6026  a6226 a7240 a7750
Lifting Height  2014mm 3010mm 3010mm 3010mm 3540mm 3540mm
Operating Weight 960 kg 1320 kg 1320 kg 1320 kg 2170 kg 2170 kg
Lifting Capacity 880 kg 1000 kg 1000 kg 1180 kg 1500 kg 1500+ kg
HP 20 hp 20 hp 26 hp 26hp 40 hp 49.6 hp
Speed 0-13 km/h 0-12.5 km/h 0-11 km/h

0-9 km/h

0-19 km/h

0-9 km/h

0-20 km/h

0-14 km/h
0-20 km/h


Norcar wheeled miniloaders are robot welded using high quality materials to provide robust and durable loaders for all conditions year after year. Norcar only use high quality components in their products. The compact and strong construction of the lifting boom and front frame makes the machine stable and well balanced. A centered boom provides durability and unbeatable visibility. The telescopic boom broadens the usage area of the loader thanks to increased lifting height and range.


Norcar miniloaders are compact and have a low centre of gravity. This makes working in demanding terrain safe without risk for tipping over. Owing to the articulated steering the loader is stable regardless of the terrain and therefore exceptionally easy to handle. Furthermore, the grip is ideal and gives the driver a feeling of the loaders excellent stability.


An appreciated feature of all Norcar miniloaders is the small turning radius. Norcar miniloaders are handled in the same way as bigger wheel loaders with the driver’s seat on the rear frame. This makes the miniloader smooth and easy to manoeuver. Driving becomes safe and controlled and the work can be executed easily and effectively even in narrow spaces.


Norcar’s drivetrain is operated using a unique direction pedal that enables the machine to react quickly. A foot throttle is found on all Norcar loaders, with which it’s possible to maintain the engine speed at the level required for the job, resulting in good fuel economy and noise reduction. For jobs using attachments requiring a continuously high oil flow, such as lawn mowers, brushes and cultivators there’s a hand throttle. The drive speed can be changed regardless of constant engine speed.


Norcar miniloaders are equipped with hydraulic brakes and an advanced safety system. The brakes are activated automatically if the driver gets out of the driver’s seat, and the miniloader can’t be operated again without a driver in place an acknowledgement of the brake button.


Maintenance and engine inspection is simple and convenient on all Norcar miniloaders. By simply folding the motor hood back, it is possible to reach all service points for daily inspection and cleaning.


The Norcar wheeled Miniloader Range



Norcar’s smallest miniloader, the 755xc, is an adaptable and versatile machine for the private user, but can also manage tough professional jobs. With its tight turning radius and compact construction, it is very efficient in confined spaces.

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The Norcar a6020 is the market’s fastest, strongest and lightest compact loader in its class. With an extension boom as standard, it can reach great heights and has high lifting power while maintaining agility.

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Norcar a6026 is essentially a versatile working machine. The stable extension boom allows high-lift tasks to be completed easily and safely. The lifting height with pallet forks is 2.8 meters.

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Norcar a6226 has the same compact design as the a6026, but with higher specifications as standard. Equipped with dual working hydraulic pumps, the machine is well prepared for attachments requiring high oil flow. Moreover, several functions can be used simultaneously without affecting each other, which makes work more efficient.

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The new a7240 is replacing the a7236. It will come with an upgraded engine fulfilling the requirements of Stage V. It will be strong, quiet, and more environmentally friendly. The new engine also makes vibration lower. The pulling force has been improved to an impressive number of 1550 kg. Due to the redesign of the hydraulic system, the boom function is faster at lower rpms, which gives a smother and more silent work mode with lower fuel consumption. The a7240 has dual working hydraulic pumps and can be used together with all the same attachments as the a7236

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The new a7750 is using a 50 hp Stage V diesel engine that increases the performance in pulling force, speed and hydraulic power. The new low center of mass frame gives stability to work with full lifting power without adding extra counterweights.


IIt includes a rollover canopy, centered lifting boom, welded frame and metal engine hood and covers. 

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Norcar Attachments

Norcar offer a wide variety of attachments for groundcare, forestry, agriculture, property maintenance and construction. To see a full list, please visit our attachments page.

Green Area Maintenance

Buckets and Material




Property Maintenance

Construction & Material Handling


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