Energreen Robo Remote controlled Power Units
Energreen Robo Remote controlled Power Units

The first RoboMINI in the UK has arrived at Green Plant

The 23HP petrol Energreen RoboMINI is the latest and most compact of the Robo range at just over 1 metre wide, 1.3 metres long, 700mm high and weighing 420kg, but its size bellies its incredible power.    


Features include:
- can be operated remotely from up to 150m away
- works in rough areas and on slopes up to 50° in any direction.
- low centre of gravity and oscillating movement of the tracks
- easy to transport
- low fuel consumption
- Attachments include a flail, cutter bar, rotary mower, stump grinder, brush (coming soon) and bioshredder


Note - the photos shown here include the new RoboMINI and the larger RoboGREEN evo.


Official UK importer for the best selling Energreen remote control machines

We are very excited to announce that we have been appointed official importers for the southern half of the UK for the Energreen remote controlled power units used in a wide variety of applications including bank mowing and forestry mulching.


Previously marketed in the UK under the McConnel RoboCUT brand name, these are the original and the best-selling bank mowers in the UK and world-wide!


The range includes the RoboMINIRoboGREEN evo and RoboMAX models and we are now offering the full range of pre and post sales services on these machines and the attachments.  The very popular 40hp machine is also a very important addition to our hire fleet.


If you would like to discuss the Energreen range of machines and how they can help your business, please contact us on 01483 235111.

 Energreen - Robo Remote Controlled Machines 

Robo is a constantly evolving range of remote controlled tool carriers, tool-holder machines designed to offer different solutions, meet different work needs and consequently increase productivity. Equipped with a wide range of professional equipment specially designed for effective performance and easy application. Engaging the different tools is fast and extremely simple. Safety is one of the fundamental points, the machines do not directly expose the operator to risks induced by work activities such as: noise, vibrations, exposure to exhaust gases, overturning of the vehicle, projection of materials, etc.

- Briggs & Stratten 23HP Petrol Engine

- Weight: 420 Kg

- Maximum Slope - 50 degrees

- Front Hydraulic PTO 

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- YANMAR 3 Cyl Diesel 40HP (27.5kw)

- Weight: 1040Kg

- Maximum Slope - 55 degrees

- Front Hydraulic PTO - 25 kw

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- YANMAR 4 Cyl Diesel 75HP (52.5kw)

- Weight: 2180Kg

- Maximum Slope - 50 degrees

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Specifications RoboMINI RoboGREEN evo RoboMAX
Engine Type Briggs & Stratten 23 HP Petrol Engine YANMAR 3 Cyl Diesel 40HP (27.5kw) YANMAR 4 Cyl Diesel 75HP (52kw)
Transmission Hydraulic HydroStatic Hydrostatic
Working RPM   3000 rpm 2500 rpm
Low Range Speed   0-4 Km/h 0-4 Km/h
High Range Speed 0-7 Km/h 0-7 Km/h
Weight 420 Kg 1040 Kg 2180 Kg
Length 1325mm    
Width 1012mm    
Height 704mm    
Fuel Tank 14 Litres 21 Litres 57 Litres
Fuel Consumption 4 l/h    
Hydraulic Oil Tank   25 Litres 50 Litres
Max. Slope 50 degrees 55 degrees 50 degrees
Cooling Radiator System normal reversible fan - FLEXXAIRE reversible fan - FLEXXAIRE
PTO Type Front Hydraulic PTO Front Hydraulic PTO Front Hydraulic PTO
PTO Kw   25 kw 61kw
Hydraulic Flow to the attachment   55 lt/min 102 lt/min
Working Range 150 metres 150 metres 150 metres
Radio Frequency 870 Mhz (EU) 870 Mhz (EU) 870 Mhz (EU)
Joystick Proportional Proportional Proportional
Batttery Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable


Remote Control - light, intuitive and easy to master


150 metres range. Two joysticks give precise control over the steering and the flail head height. The controls are organised in a simple and intuitive way to enable operators to quickly and easily take control of the machine and use it to its full potential. The speed and steering controls can be customised if required.


Energreen offer a wide variety of attachments for landscaping/gardening, forestry, agricultture and industry. For a full list of attachments for each machine, please see the RoboMNI, RoboGREEN evo or RoboMAX machine pages.


Flail Cutter Head, Cutter Bar, Rotary Mower, Bucket, Grapple Bucket, Trencher




Snow Blades, Land Blades, Forks, Brushes and Snow Blowers



Forestry Mulchers, Swing and Fixed Head Rotors, Stump grinder, Bio shredder, Winches and Forestry Winches




Tree shaker, Rotary Harrow, Rotary Tiller, Rake and Sprayer



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