Energreen Attachments
Energreen Attachments

 Attachments for Energreen Remote Controlled Machines 

Energreen offer a wide variety of attachments for landscaping/gardening, forestry, agricultture and industry. For a full list of attachments for each machine, please see the RoboMINI, RoboGREEN evo or RoboMAX machine pages.

Groundcare Attachments

Flail Mower, Cutter Bar, Rotary Mowers, Bucket, Grapple Bucket, Trencher



Industry Attachments

Snow Blades, Land Blades, Forks, Brushes and Snow Blowers


Forestry Attachments

Mulchers, Forest Head, Stump grinder, Bio shredder, Winch and Forestry Winch



Agriculture Attachments

Tree shaker, Rotary Harrow, Rotary Tiller, Rake and Sprayer



Specifications RoboMINI RoboGREEN evo RoboMAX
Flail Cutter head 100, 130/180 Yes - 100 Yes - 130 Yes - 180
Rotary Mower Yes (coming soon) Yes  
Cutter Bar Yes Yes  
Trencher 900   Yes  
Bucket   Yes  
Grapple Bucket   Yes  
Forestry Mulcher 130H /150H   Yes - 130H Yes -150H
Forest 130T / 150T   Yes - 130T Yes -150T
Stump grinder 37 / 47 Yes Yes - 37cm Yes - 47cm
Bio-Shredder 9 /10 Yes (coming soon Yes - 9cm Yes - 10cm
Forestry Winch 4,5 / 6,5   Yes - 4,5 Yes - 6,5
Winch   Yes  
Tree Shaker 45 / 60   Yes -  45 cm Yes - 60 cm
Rotary Harrow   Yes  
Rotary Tiller   Yes  
Rake   Yes  
Sprayer EG200 / EG400   Yes - EG200 Yes - EG400
Pruner Discs     Yes
Snow Blade   Yes  
Snow Blower - 140/180   Yes - 140 cm Yes - 180 cm
Grapple Bucket   Yes  
Land Blade   Yes  
Forks   Yes  
Brush Yes (coming soon) Yes  
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