Green Plant - Timberwolf Chippers, Rayco Stump grinders, SCAG Mowers for sale
Green Plant - Timberwolf Chippers, Rayco Stump grinders, SCAG Mowers for sale


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We are delighted to announce that Jeremy Smithers, whom many of you may know, has now joined Green Plant to strengthen our sales team.


Jeremy can be contacted on
07879 636705


Official UK importer for the best selling Energreen remote control machines

We are very excited to announce that we have been appointed official importers for the Energreen remoted controlled powers units used in a wide variety of applications including bank mowing and forestry mulching.


If you would like to discuss the Energreen range of machines and how they can help your business, please contact us on 01483 235111.

Parts and Spares

Our current parts special offers include brake shoes, brake dampers, wheel bearing kits, LED Clusters and Blades and Bolts so check out our on-line parts shop or call our parts team on 01483 235111.

Competitive Finance Deals

We are able to offer subsidised finance deals on most new Timberwolf machines as well as competitive finance deals on new and used Timberwolf, Rayco, MultiOne and SCAG machines. Terms and Conditions apply.

New Machines and Tools for sale

Green Plant UK Ltd specialises in providing top quality arboricultural and groundcare machinery to meet the long and short term machinery requirements of trade professionals throughout the south east of England.  We are authorised dealers for leading manufacturers including Timberwolf, Energreen, Norcar, Raycoand SCAG.


As well as offering top quality new and used machinery for sale, we are committed to providing the best aftersales service in the business which has resulted in our reputation as arboricultural and groundcare machinery specialists spreading quickly across the region.  Please contact us on 01483 235111 to discuss your machine requirements.

Timberwolf have been building chippers for more than 30 years and are now the largest seller of commercial wood chip machines in Great Britain. They specialise in the manufacture of road tow, tracked, tractor mounted, gravity and hydraulic feed wood chippers and specialist multi-purpose shredders.

Gravity Fed Chippers

Compact and cost effective, our range of gravity chippers are ideal for landscapers, large private gardens or estates, hire shops and those just starting out in the tree surgery business.

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Hydraulic Road Tow Chippers

These machines are the popular 'all round' choice. Their versatility means they can be used effectively across a range of applications and conditions, including landscaping, tree surgery and contract work. From 20 hp to 64 hp, there is a model to suit all requirements.

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Hydraulic Tracked Chippers

When the job takes you 'off road', you need a tracked chipper that's up to the challenge. Whether your requirements include areas with difficult or narrow access, soft ground conditions, or uneven and sloping ground, there is a model to suit.

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PTO Chippers

Utilising the power of a tractor, these chippers are suitable for estates, local authorities, golf courses, contractors and farmers.

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RAYCO’s Mini Work-Force line of rugged handlebar compact sized stump grinders include the push-behind RG13 Series II and the self-propelled RG25HD. For tracked stump grinders, look no further than the RG35X Trac Jr and RG45 Trac Jnr which offer both rubber tracks and operator controls.

Rayco Mini Workforce Push-behind Stump grinders

The RG13 series II is a rugged push-behind stump grinders that provides a commercial-grade solution for your stump cutting needs when compact size and affordability are at the top of your list.

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Rayco Self-Propelled Stump grinders

The RG25HD is the largest model in the Mini Work-Force line up.  The RG25HD is self propelled, making it the best choice for traversing up and down hills, trailer ramps, mounded landscaping, etc.

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Rayco Tracked Stump grinders

The RG37X Trac Jr and RG45T Trac Jr stump grinders are for those who need a compact machine that has traction to get where tires just won’t take you.  Unlike other track stump cutters, the Trac Jr’s short track base allows it to turn easily and with less turf damage than competitors long track bases.  A swing-out control station provides good visibility while cutting and swings in line for travel through gates.

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Evergreen is one of three companies that make up the Laserjet Group. Founded in 1980, the Fraron brothers developed the Laserjet technology that is now used throughout the world.   The Laserjet Group now has two production plants and more than 200 employees. In 2000 the brothers set up Energreen to develop remote controlled multi-purpose machines that could be used in the most challenging of locations.


23 HP Remote Controlled Multi-purpose machine with attachments that can work on banks of up to 50 degrees.

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RoboGREEN evo

40 HP Remote Controlled Multi-purpose machine with attachments that can work on banks of up to 55 degrees.

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75 HP Remote Controlled Multipurpose machine with attachments that can work on banks of up to 50 degrees.

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There are six different wheeled miniloaders from Norcar that range from 20hp to 50hp and include the very popular 755xc, a6226 and a7750 models. We are now offering the full range of pre and post sales services on all these machines and the attachments. 


Norcar 755xc wheeled Miniloader

The Norcar 755xc is the smallest of the Norcar wheeled Miniloaders

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Norcar 'a' Series wheeled Miniloaders

There are five machines in the 'a' series wheeled range including the a6226 and the a7750 that can be connected to a variety of different attachments.

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From just one model, a gear-drive rider, to over 50 models today, Scag Power Equipment has become one of the largest independent manufacturers of commercial mowing equipment in the world. Scag Power Equipment's innovation and attention to quality is known and respected throughout the power equipment industry. Mowers and accessories are designed to be user friendly, with an emphasis on quality, performance, ease of maintenance, profitability and long life.

SCAG Ride-On Mowers

The SCAG ride-on mowers start with the well priced Liberty Z, Freedom Z, Patriot and the Tiger Cat [small platform – big performance] range. Then the Cheetah comes in with its emphasis on high ground speed to simplify transport requirements between areas. Finally, the magnificent Turf Tiger range: with its unique place in the market by virtue of direct PTO drive to the deck.

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SCAG Stand-behind Mowers

The SCAG “V-Ride” mower is a stand-on zeroturn machine giving excellent visibility for cutting intricate areas.

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SCAG Hydro and Zeroturn Mowers

Three machines are in this range: the SW belt drive hydrostatic units are the entry-level models, the more technologically advanced SWZ [“Z” for “Zero-Turn”] models are belt-driven with twin wheel motors to give true zero-turn facility. New to the range is the “SWZT” with all the advantages of the SWZ, with the addition of new design ergonomic controls for ease of operator use and increased operator safety.

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