Timberwolf TW 1375G Chipper for sale - Banner
Timberwolf TW 1375G Chipper for sale - Banner

Timberwolf TW 1375G 3" Chipper

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We are able to offer competitive finance deals on new Timberwolf TW 1375G chippers. Terms and Conditions apply.
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Built to cope with the full range of green garden waste, this machine is the most effective and rugged 75mm (3") chipper available on the market. It is a commercial chipper, designed to work all day, every day.


Its positive blade feed draws material in and ensures an easy and safe operation. The machine also boasts a robust design and long life, which provides users with lower running costs. This model is capable of dealing with over a third of a tonne per hour, processing material quicker than the operator can load it! Its primary features and benefits consist of:

  • Reliable and economical Honda engine
  • Simple direct belt drive - no clutch
  • Strong enough for professional use - easy enough for domestic use
  • "Positive Blade Feed" - ensures material is drawn into the machine easily
  • Powerful fan discharge for better results on material like conifer
  • Easy access into rotor housing. The safety switch prevents engine from running when housing is opened

* Engine manufacturers quoted figures


  • Single feed funnel - avoids confusion, as on machines with 2 feed funnels
  • Highest throughput in its class
  • Safe feed funnel prevents hands from reaching chipping blade
  • Large throat area at base of feed funnel for easy loading of awkward shaped material
  • Blade can be sharpened up to 10 times with up to 25 hours between sharpening



Timberwolf TW 13/75G Specifications
Engine 13hp Honda 4-stroke
Fuel Unleaded petrol
Tank Capacity 6.5 litres (1.4 gallons)
Weight 188kg
Length 1565mm working, 815mm tray removed
Width 800mm
Height 1600mm
Max Dia. Infeed 75mm (3")
Throughput Up to 0.75 tonnes per hour
Feed method Positive blade feed
Blades 1 x 177mm (7") fully hardened

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