RoboGREEN evo
RoboGREEN evo

RoboGREEN evo
(formerly branded as the McConnel RoboCUT)


40HP Remote Controlled Multi-Purpose Machine

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- New RoboGREEN evo machines for sale

- RoboGREEN evo with flail mower for hire

- Competitve finance available

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- Selection of Attachments - see below


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Specifications RoboGREEN evo
Engine Type YANMAR 3 Cyl Diesel 40HP (27.5kw)
Transmission HydroStatic
Working RPM 3000 rpm
Low Range Speed 0-4 Km/h
High Range Speed 0-7 Km/h
Weight 1040 Kg
Fuel Tank 21 Litres
Hydraulic Oil Tank 25 Litres
Max. Slope 55 degrees
Cooling Radiator System reversible fan - FLEXXAIRE
PTO Type Front Hydraulic PTO
PTO Kw 25 kw
Hydraulic Flow to the attachment 55 lt/min
Remote Control AUTEC
Working Range 150 metres
Radio Frequency 870 Mhz (EU)
Joystick Proportional
Batttery Rechargeable


Formerly branded as the McConnel RoboCUT, the RoboGREEN evo is internationally known as an extremely robust 40HP diesel remote-controlled multi-purpose machine that can work in very challenging terrain and perform a variety of different tasks.  Born to satisfy the most demanding needs, Energreen RoboGREEN evo can easily be defined a remote-controlled grass cutting machine with power and performances comparable to a classic grass cutting arm for a tractor. These fundamental characteristics distinguish the machine from any other robot used for grass cutting: power, reliability, strength and high efficiency.


Energreen RoboGREEN evo is built with an ultra-resistant steel to ensure an extreme working life; all the components are tested and certified to ensure the maximum reliability and safety.
- Engine tested by the producer with a remarkable reputation for the reliability
 - Yanmar engine: high torque for its category and proven reliability
- Independent cooling system of the hydraulic system to optimize the performances
- Remote-control technology developed by a team of specialized experts
- Engine crankcase designed to ensure the lubrication even on the most steep slopes
- Rear roll-bar integrated in the body panels to protect the radiator and optional central roll-bar (optional)
- Fully enclosed body panels keep out grass and debris
- Enclosed and flat underside of the machine protects mechanical components
- Front lifter with quick attachment mounting system
- Hydraulic couplings with multi-connection plate (optional).


Safety and Comfort

• Remote controlled (150 m)
• Operator in security zone
• Emergency stop button on the remote control
• Excellent handling
• Easy to use and carry

Remote Control

• Easy and intuitive radio remote control
• Multifunctional and individually adjustable
• 150 m radius of action
• Safety distance for the operator

Component Quality

• Special steel frame
• Certified components
• 40 hp engine
• Reversible impeller
• Special oil pan

Working on steep slopes

• Reliability in all directions
• Special version of the track
• Special oil pan
• Low center of gravity


• Fast work execution
• Reduced consumption
• Maneuverability on any surface
• Easy to carry


• Street entertainment
• Maintenance of green areas
• Forestry work
• Winter service
• Agriculture
• Services for Industry
• Construction sites work

RoboGREEN evo Brochure
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RoboGREEN evo images

Energreen Video

Attachments for the RoboGREEN evo

As well as attachments (flails, rotary turf, tills and harrows, cutter bars and rotary forestry heads) for cutting grass, shrubs and reeds in terrain ranging from forestry to slopes of up to 55 degrees, the RoboGreen evo comes with a range of other attachments including land and snow blades, bio-shredders, sprayers, rakes, trenchers, stump grinders, snow blower, tree shaker, various buckets, forks and winches.

Groundcare Attachments




Forestry Attachments




Agriculture Attachments



Industry Attachments




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