Green Plant - Timberwolf Chippers and Rayco Stump grinders for hire
Green Plant - Timberwolf Chippers and Rayco Stump grinders for hire

Predator FZ700H for Hire

To hire any of our machinery from Green Plant, all you need to provide us with is a copy of your "Hired In Plant Insurance", the dates you require the machinery and your credit card details.  Don't forget to advise us if you also need to hire a trailer. On the day of hire, the fully serviced machine will be ready for pick-up from our main depot in Guildford  from 8am. When you arrive to pick the machine up, you will be shown how to operate the machine safely. Depending on the length of the hire, it may also be possible to arrange delivery - please call us on 01483 235111 to discuss your requirements.


Predator FZ700H

The FZ700H suspension grinder is a serious Stump Cutter, designed to be fitted to larger excavators from 12 tons and above. The 28 inch wide Multi-Tip cutting wheel takes twelve teeth, each with four cutting tips, giving a total of forty eight cutters, yet to keep it sharp, you just change the two leading teeth, an operation that takes less than two minutes.

The extremely robust, Parker, bent-axis piston motor is again the same as fitted to our Predator 75, requiring an ideal flow rate of 33 gallons per minute from your excavator. The Predator FZ700H in conjunction with your machine will make for a formidable Stump Cutting tool, ideal for any kind of large-scale site clearance, railroad maintenance, forestry or civil engineering projects.

The system runs in reverse to normal stump grinders, allowing the machine operator to have a perfect view of the job in hand, the debris spray is small and the construction quality is excellent. The Predator FZ700H is built to last and last. Supplied with a flat, pre-drilled plate to the top, ready for you to design and fit your own interface bracket.



Predator FZ700H
Length 1280mm  50"
Width 810mm  32"
Height 910mm  36"
Weight 330kg  728lb
Cutter Wheel Diameter 710mm  27"
Pressure 350bar
Ideal Flow 125 L/min
Construction Solid Frame
Cutter Wheel 10 x MultiTip
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