MultiOne 6.3 Mini Loader for hire in Surrey
MultiOne 6.3 Mini Loader for hire in Surrey

Hiring a MultiOne Mini Loader

To hire a MultiOne Mini Loader from Green Plant, all you need to provide us with is a copy of your "Hired In Plant Insurance", what attachment you would like on the machine, the dates you require the Mini Loader and your credit card details (if you don't have a Green Plant account). If you would like to apply for an account, please download and print the Green Plant UK account application form below and send it back to us.


Don't forget to advise us if you also need to hire a trailer.


On the day of hire, the fully serviced machine will be ready for pick-up from our Guildford depot from 8am. When you arrive to pick the machine up, you will be shown how to operate the machine safely. Depending on the length of the hire, it may also be possible to arrange delivery - please call us on 01483 235111 to discuss your requirements.


Green Plant UK account application form
Credit Facilities Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [82.3 KB]

MultiOne Mini Loader 6.3+

The MultiOne 6 Series is the most compact version of the new generation of MultiOne Compact Articulated Mini Loaders. With a totally new articulated frame and other added innovative solutions give the user the best performance on any surface.  These Compact Articulated Mini Loader are perfectly suited for tight spaces and can be easily transported even by a 4×4.


The MultiOne 6 Series multifunction loaders are ideal companions for professionals working in the tree and forestry industries, farming and stables and for general loading purposes. With over 170 different attachment available, from digging, trenching, cutting, logging, grinding and much much more.


We have the 6.3+ Mini loader available for hire.  This has a 28p engine, a tipping load of 1200 kg, and can travel up to 11 km/hr. In addition, it has a flow rate of 46  l/min, can lift up to 2.92m and its weight is 1430kg.


The 6.3+ is available for hire with a choice of the attachments below:



Available Attachments

When you hire a MultiOne 6.3+ Loader from Green Plant, you will need to specify which one of the following attachments, you require on the machine: Flail Mower, Silage Fork/Log Grab, Multi-purpose Bucket, Ripper, Snow Blade or 2t Pallet Forks.


Klou Bramble Flail




Silage Fork/Log Grab

Width: 120cm (47.3in), Weight: 110kg (242lbs)



Snow Blade

Width: 140cm (55in)
Blade Height: 53cm (20.8in)
Slewing Angle +_30 Degrees
Weight: 121Kg (267lbs).


2t Pallet Forks

Forks Length - 120cm (47.3in), Lifting Capacity - 2000Kg (4408lbs), Width - 100cm (39.4 inches), Weight - 120kg

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